Created 19 July 13
Last Update 19 July 13
Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Opera, Chrome
Software Version jQuery
High Resolution No
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS
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Dynamic Horizontal Chart with Javascript

NetBeuz Dynamic Horizontal Chart

-You can create any size, any color, any much of charts charts dynamically and easily. -NO require knowledge in JavaScript . -NO css file included. -NO images. -Easy Usage. -Automatic Y axsiss. It creates itself according to max item value. -You can set link with items. -You can set nameHolder area’s width percent. -You can change colors, styles, size of charts. In netbeuz.js file. -Compatibility for all browsers. (expect border-radius in IE7 /IE8)


Step 1: All to do is create a html code like below. span>color property is bar’s color. and span>value property is bar’s value.
 <div id="myChart" caption="PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES CHART">
                <li><span color="#b5d600" val="95"><a iid="" title="ASP.NET">ASP.NET </a></span></li>
                <li><span color="#c0dcff" val="80"><a iid="" title="C#">C# </a></span></li>
                <li><span color="#db7780" val="40"><a iid="" title="Php">Php </a></span></li>
                <li><span color="lightgreen" val="60"><a iid="" title="Java">Java </a></span></li>
                <li><span color="yellow" val="50"><a iid="" title="Python">Python </a></span></li>
                <li><span color="#ffd554" val="84"><a iid="" title="XCODE">XCODE </a></span></li>
                <li><span color="#ffe0f7" val="45"><a iid="" title="Android">Android </a></span>
Step 2: Just one code is enough to run. myChart(width,height); >
 $("div#myChart").myChart(1000, 400);  
-This item require Jquery library.

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